Surcingle & Ribbon Belts, Perfect Pairs for Spring

Great for Spring shopping! Surcingle and Ribbon Belts

Surcingle & Ribbon belts make perfect pairings for spring!

Select and combine colors and styles that your customers will love to wear this spring season. Nantucket Yellow Surcingle brightens many of our fishing, coastal, botanical and flag designs making them fantastic fashion additions for Easter and spring season dressing. Pair Newport Blue, or  Khaki with fun contemporary ribbons like Moustache for a young at heart fashion statement for all ages.

Preston Spring Ribbon & Surcingle Belts



One thought on “Surcingle & Ribbon Belts, Perfect Pairs for Spring

  1. Greg Andrews says:

    i’ve tried to create a belt, to no avail. I want to create a 34 inch surcingle & ribbon belt. Navy Shamrock on blue, but when I pick the ribbon nothing happens and it does not allow me to proceed to picking belt or size.

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