Fob-ulous Summer Accessories!

FUn, Fob-ulous key fobs by Preston

[fob] noun: a small object that is a decoration on a watch chain or a key ring
Origin: perhaps akin to German dialect Fuppe, pocket
First Known Use: 1630

For Preston, a key fob is a great opportunity for our customers to have a colorful ribbon and web combination to accessorize their keys, or to match a favorite belt, tote bag or dog collar and lead. All of our 1 ¼” width ribbons are available in key fobs.

New for 2015

Preston key fobs are a great point of sale item. They make a colorful display in a very limited space. And, new for 2015, purchase a variety pack by our ribbon category names and receive a clear plastic canister display filled with 25 key fobs. All you have to do is tell us you want Coastal, Boating, Stylin’ etc. and Preston takes care of the rest.

Trio of Preston Key Fobs in display canisters
Preston Canister of Key Fobs

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