Preston’s Custom Ribbon Program

If you have a unique logo, think Preston for a custom ribbon. Whether you are a school, business, or organization, Preston can make a custom ribbon for you. All you need to do is provide Preston with your logo.
We will reproduce your logo to your specifications, and put it into a graphic ribbon format. Once you are happy with the graphic design, we will have a sample ribbon made for you. When the sample ribbon is made, the mill will also provide a price quote for your unique custom ribbon.
Depending upon the number of colors, complexity of design, and spacing, typical custom ribbon costs start at $500. This cost produces approximately 1200 yards of your unique ribbon. The Preston Custom Ribbon Program provides discounted pricing for all of our Preston products using your ribbon and we have no minimum quantities.
Please call Preston at 1-800-343-8120 to discuss your custom ribbon. Truly, it will be uniquely yours.